Below one can find my working papers, preprints and published papers.

Working papers

  • A debiased semiparametric Bernstein von Mises theorem for linear regression – Ismael Castillo, Stephanié van der Pas, Kolyan Ray, and Aad van der Vaart, Lasse Vuursteen

  • Optimal private high-dimensional distributed testing – T. Tony Cai, Abhinav Chakraborty and Lasse Vuursteen

  • A Bayesian approach to multi-view Learning – Lasse Vuursteen, Timo van der Poel, Wouter van Loon, Botond Szabo, Marjolein Fokkema, Mark de Rooij

  • Convergence rates for nonparametric averaged distributed M-estimators and Gaussian process priors – Botond Szabo, Lasse Vuursteen

Under review

  • Optimal high-dimensional and nonparametric distributed testing under communication constraints (2022) – preprintBotond Szabó, Lasse Vuursteen, Harry Van Zanten



  1. IEEE
    Optimal Distributed Composite Testing in High-dimensional Gaussian Models with 1-bit Communication
    Botond SzabóLasse Vuursteen, and Harry van Zanten
    IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 2022